What's the right age to teach your teen to use deodorant?

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As soon as they experience the growth of hair on their body parts. (pubic hair). My bother's daughter is 13, and she has got hair in her armpits now, but neither her mom or dad have taught her to use deodorant, and the sad part is, that she really has a strong body odour. I have gifted her deodorant but she doesn't use it everyday but sometimes. Only, if parents teach children the importance of these things, children would be able to save themselves from embarrassment.

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Most of my peers started using deodorant during puberty stage. That's when body changes occur to both male and female. So as early as their teens, they can start using deodorant.

I think, right from the age of puberty when they start having pubic hair. I think around 11 or 12 would be the right age.

Yeah, puberty stage. Around grade 6 or early years in high school, you may start introducing them to proper hygiene.

For boys, since they're more physically active, I'd say when they're in 5th grade. For girls, 6th grade.

I would say 10 or 11. They must try to use deo already.