What is the right age to teach your children how to commute?

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Personally, my parents let me commute alone when I was in highschool. But they accompanied me and taught me how to commute since mid of my elementary years. They made sure I know the ins and outs of our barangay and basically letting me practice taking other means to commute aside from taking a tricycle ride going to school. It helped a lot! So I think it would be better to start as early as possible by simply first teaching your child to memorize the road going to school. Once he knows and is familiar with the landmarks, you can proceed with reminding him how to ride say a jeepney or tricycle. And dont forget to remind him about precautions.

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That is induvidually for everyone and you need to understand that. The main thing for that you don't need to rush it. For me that is someting betwen 1-2 years old I'm actually working on a big research with https://writemyessaysos.com/ and we will be able to provide you with some great information on that topic! You will be possitivle shocked!

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My parents let me commute when I reached high school. I agree with Jared, best to delay kids from commuting. They'll be commuting all their lives when they grow up, so savor the moment and go pick up or drop off your child whenever possible.

Mid high school, I think would be a bit safe for your child to learn how to commute. But during the first few weeks, I would still be there to guide my child. I want to make sure he's very much ready to do it on his own before I let him.

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It's different for everybody, but parents might want to hold off on letting their children commute on their own until they reach their teenage years.

There is no specific age here. Need to look at the child

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I think 8. About primary 2?

as early as you can

i believe 4 yrs old