What are the most comfortable shoes for pregnant women? Where in Manila are they available? Thanks!

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I'd definitely joined the same force Dazzle did! :) Fitflops sandals were my fave too when I was pregnant. I find very comfy and helpful in at least reducing the stains on my feet during the heaviest weight I had in my entire life (so far LOL). But if only my friend recommended it earlier, I think I would also go with this Korean brand Toeot. Her's and people review that you may find in the internet say it's a very good pair (which btw is DIY) as they are using eco-friendly materials, maximize sweat dispersion and maximize shock absorption at the same time. So really perfect for a preggy mom. Although it's not really designed for one. And for me as long as it gives you full support and comfort whether it's cheap, local, or even it's your hubby's sandals a preggy mom can wear whatever she wants. Anyway she has the most valid reason in the world to always get the utmost comfort hehe :)

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I've bought a couple of shoes when I was pregnant with my twins. I want something that will be really comfortable. With the weight of my tummy and swollen feet. I tried looking for shoes that I'll can use everyday. I've bought a regular flat shoes. But unfortunately I've felt that its not giving the extra support that I need. So I tried looking for shoe stores that has thick insole cushion. And I was glad to find the right pair in Payless. Particular brand I had purchased is Dexflex. They have sandals, flat shoes and casual shoes. And what I really loved about it is the cushion and very stylish designs that can go with any of your outfit. Payless has several stores in Metro Manila. Located at Robinson's Mall and Ali Mall. Hope this helps.

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My feet got swollen during my last trimester and the only kond of footwear that i can fit in were flip flops. Fitflops, for me, worked as they provide stylish yet comfortable footwear. Sanuk also has great selection of foot wear. Their slippers has softer soles which i find comfortable. Hope this helps!

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Flat shoes and doll shoes work perfectly for me when I am pregnant. I find shoes from Artwork store comfy, affordable and durable that goes with their artsy apparel. They are located on selected SM and Robinson malls.

Fitflops were quite comfy for walking around - they have a store in Greenbelt 3. I generally stayed away from closed shoes because of the swollen feet. I was in flip-flops a lot!

I wore Skechers with memory foam when I was preggy. Masarap sa paa, malambot at hindi masakit gamitin. Medyo may kamahalan nga lang, like 4k+ pero sulit naman at matibay pa.

Aside from Fitflops, I also used Skechers Go Flex. It has soft soles which makes it very comfortable when worn, and gives the support I need.

Sperry boat shoes. They're incredibly comfortable and the soles are anti skid :) available in SM and ayala malls :)

i Preferred flats from Bata during pregnancy