Kindergarten orChildcare?

Or homeschooling? What are your thoughts? What were some factors that made you decide on whether to enroll into a kindergarten or a childcare? #preschool

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I will send mine to Kindergarten or playgroup (depending on their age) for them to learn social skill. I don't believe in homeschooling as I witness my niece and nephew scare to communicate with strangers. My sis in law is PHD, no doubt she can teach A1 student but there are soft skills that she can't impart to her children

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how old is your kids? like kids next year 4 years old... i reccomended to go to playschool seem she quite bored at home doing nothing so better use the time for play & learn..

2y ago

I'm a preschool teacher and I'm due Feb 2021 so awhile more. Still having a dilemma 😂