What keep you awake when you are sleepy?

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anxiety . my wife is pregnant. this is our 3rd child. she is constantly unable to sleep. her sleep is very restless. and mine too. and I know why she is worried, it worries me too, but I am worried about her condition now. The fact is that our eldest son will soon go to college, and he is not even going to write an introductory essay. at school, this was never his forte. And now he is postponing everything until the very deadline. he does not understand the gravity of the situation. my wife is very worried about this, as I am, but in her position it is especially harmful.

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2things that will keep me awake is the need to pee and baby kicks.especially those pushing ones.😅 other than that i think should be just doing some online window shopping.

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pee, Back Ache, sleeping position discomfort & Hungry 😂... baby playing football during day & most of it at night, an great experince 💕

whenever im want to rest,i must pee first..bila nak tidur,mesti cari position yang nyaman..klau tidak,pinggang saya sakit..tambahan lagi,baby menendang..

28 week skrg xbole tido.. peha kiri kanan macam krem.. nak tido x selesa.. kalau nak tido mesti da pukul 3 or 4 pagi.. pinggang pon kejap sakit..

rasa nak buang air. lenguh pinggang. panas nak mandi. baby berkungfu pkul 3 pagi, pedih ulu hati.

ada tak ibu hamil yang nipple diorg warna x gelap. yang saiz tu x yah cakaplah... sekadar bertanya sahaja... jgn marah

Pee and try getting a balance position to sleeping well

Leg cramp, pee and when trying to change sleep position. Hurts 😂