What can I do to my 15-month-old who doesn't want to eat rice? He used to eat it a few months when he was a baby until one day he just refused it. I tried hiding a little bit of rice in meat or fish but he would realize there's rice and spit everything. Is it safe to add star margarine to a toddler's rice? Any creative dish where I can serve him rice without him discovering it?

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If he doesn't want to eat rice, you can feed him other things. There is no harm in giving him a break for a few days. You know how it is, it happens with us as well. We suddenly have a disliking for something and when we do not eat for a few days, we ourselves regain liking for it. Perhaps, something like this is happening with your child. There are number of other homemade food items that you can feed your child, why not try those, and give him a little break from rice. Else you can always mix rice in cooked veggies or pulses and he would not come to know. You can garnish the dish so that he misses the presence of rice in it.

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