how do i make my 19months old eat?

I tried not to feed him with foods that he ussually eat like sweets and junk foods, but he refuses to eat rice or even bread, i think he is closer to being underweight because he does not eat right, he chooses not to eat anything instead of eating what i offer him, he will just drink my milk, even though he's full breast fed baby i know it's not enough for him specially at his age, i know he has to eat more healthy, any advice?

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ypu already know.. you just have to be firm and strict to your decision, advise also people around your lo not to give sweets and junkfoods, offer food like every hour, you can make bargain, like "oh you will drink mommy's milk after you eat this" then compliment your lo after doing that.. you have to be patient.. it will not be easy, but you need to change your ways, your lo was already dependent on sweets and junkfoods because you give in what your lo wants.. and you know to yourself that it is not good, so better change it slowly..

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skin po is dko tlga xa pinakAin ever ng cerelac.kasi sbi nila ngiging maselan sa panlasa.kya ngayun kinakain ng bby ko ang anuman na ihain s knya


i think first step is to eliminate sweets and junk food from the house. kids his age naman they remember if nakikita nya. my daughter doesnt eat rice but we supplement with sweet potato, noodles, bread, etc its a struggle pero try to find his favorite food and ull get him eating in no time.establish a meal time routine rin pala

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