5 months without out checking doctors...

What will happened if I didn't went to the doctor for 5 months since I found out that I'm pregnant through a pregnancy test? I tested 3 times and its all positive.

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Super Mum

If your baby’s healthy, then baby will keep growing regardless of whether you see the doctor. But you won’t know if baby has any congenital issues, and you won’t know if you have pregnancy induced hypertension (can lead to pre-eclampsia) or gestational diabetes, both of which require good management. Try to keep a healthy lifestyle with a well balanced diet. Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well:) If you do decide to go see a gynae subsequently, they normally check for diabetes areound 25-28 weeks, and they check your blood pressure every visit. There’s also a growth scan around 28-32 weeks to ensure baby’s growing well:)

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3y ago

Thank you 🙏

Is about time to visit gynaecologist. There will be tests/scan required for both the baby development and you. Meanwhile, maintain balance lifestyle and healthy diet. If I remember correctly, termination is disallowed when is 6 months and above. Wish you happy pregnancy and deliver a healthy baby safely.💪

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3y ago

He meant it’s illegal to abort the baby at 24 weeks onwards, just to let you know.

Should see doc and get vitamins n supplements for baby. Also good to check any issue on baby.

i only went for checkup at 24weeks due to financial concerns.