What do you guys(mummies) do for postpartum hair loss? I’m loosing so much hair! ??

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Oil your hair. You can try olive oil, coconut oil or almond oil. It deep conditions it, stops damage and makes hair shiny.


Try using organic shampoo. Gugo shampoo (from a tree bark) from the Philippines has helped me minimise hair loss.

Is normal for postpartum hair loss but will still use herbal shampoo and hair tonic to prevent worsening.

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i tried a lemongrass shampoo. it is useful! but i would say depends on scalp too. some say wowo is good

It happens. It’s totally normal. However, if you are worried, best to consult your doctor. :)

Its normal! Be stress free and have a healthy lifestyle! supplements helps to boost too!

Hey mum, Please focus on your eating habits and relax and have a healthy lifestyle :)

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My in law used a product called Fountain of Life and it is really very effective!!

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Try biotin supplement capsules .. it will helps to stop hair fall n regrows


I used Phyto as well. Also, I kept my hair short so it's easy to maintain