for you, what is good a. Working mom b. Full time mom and why?

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I don't think it's fair to "choose". We do what we need to do as a mom/parent. Some are called to be housewives, so they choose to be one. Others naman because of financial reasons, choose to work and help their partners. If you choose to be a housewife, it does not make you less of a wife for choosing to stay home and allow your husband to support you. Choosing to be a working mom, does not make you less of a mom because you want to help your husband. Bottomline kasi is, why do you work? Are you still able to fulfill your role as a mom and wife? You do you 😊

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3y ago

True! Minsan nkktawa nlng ang baba ng tingin ng mga working moms sa mga nsa bahay lang. like what?? Akala nla madali magbantay ng bata 24/7 without salary. Pero as a working mom before, i realize a lot of things. Being a full time mom was the best thing na ngyare sa akin. Kht ano pa sbhn nla hnd nla maeexperience lahat ng first time na naexperience ko kay baby. Yes, they earned money to support their child pero ang mga full time mom pure love ang salary❤️ ung feeing na first time mo ihahatid anak m sa school, first word, first lakad, ikaw lahat nakakita ❤️❤️ i salute working moms pero mas saludo ako sa mga full time mom na ginave up ang career to focus on their child.