What do you first introduce as puree for your LO when starting solids and why? Which foods do you mix your BM with and which do you not?

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A lot of my friends started with apple, pumpkin or sweet potato as puree. These are slightly sweet in nature and easier for baby to take to. As for mixing in breast milk, I've heard of friends who uses breast milk for cereals. One tip from a friend is to store smaller amounts of breast milk in baby food jars/bottle so that you can easily warm one bottle instead of having to warm a full size milk bottle for a small amount of breast milk for the meal. :)

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I started introducing steamed apple puree when my LO was a few weeks shy of 6 months. I mixed it with BM. Now, I pack for her pureed vege (peas & corn this week) to the IFC and a small serving of baby porridge cereal.

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Tune in for our weaning ask the expert session happening 8pm on this Thursday. We will be talking about baby led weaning. First purée generally should be vegetables and mixed with BM.

Cereal mix with bm was introduced at 4 mths. Puree apple was given at 6 mths. At 6 mths my baby was taking puree porridge too.

I started with pear. Easy on the tastebud and u can be sure baby won't be constipated.

I started with pumpkin purée then avocado puree :) Both seems ok for my LO. These 2 are very popular.

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Yes I do!

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I never gave him pureed. He started with mashed food mixed with breastmilk. Lahat.

I started pumpkin puree. Fruits puree I do not add bm. Only add bm to cereal :)

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We gave her spinach and sweet potato purée

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