What does a normal day look like in the life of a single and unmarried Indian woman who decided to put career and personal fulfillment above marriage and motherhood? :)

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Absolutely Normal day as same as in every working women . she is getting more time in what she loves to do compare to other women . Career life is very perfect but might be in personal life she must be facing some problem like society pressure , missing the perfect one to share success. but depends on the choice otherwise its absolutely normal

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Obviously, a day full with meetings, targets and happiness that she is doing what she wanted. And on the days when she is not working, extended sleep, good time with family, friends, movies, luncheons, getaways and happiness that even staying out of the traditional path, she is perfectly contended.

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well, being married n a mother i feel life will be good if she is enjoying her single life and growing in her career, its very each to its own..the only thing is to not get bogged down my society pressure and lead life the way u like...most important is to be happy whereever u r :)