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What is the difference with Nan sensitive with Nan optipro 1?

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NAN Sensitive is for special medical purposes, to address digesting problems (bloating, intestinal gas, abdominal pain, constipation, colic) and for re-feeding for infants not breastfed after acute diarrhea. The low lactose content has been shown to improve digestion in case of temporary shortage of the enzyme lactase, a phenomenon that is very common in infants in the first month of life or after acute diarrhea. Nan Optipro 1 (formerly known as Nan Pro 1) is a partially hydrolysed starter infant formula. It seems to be for babies that have usual sensitivity.

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According to the Nestle NAN webpage, NAN OptiPro One contains an exclusive optimised protein blen called OPTIPRO, which provides babies with the right amount of proteins. It claims to help maintain a healthy digestive system during his first crucial year of life. As for NAN Sensitive, the name is pretty self-explanatory I feel. It is for babies with sensitive digestive system and helps with the management of infants aged 0-12 months with symptoms of lactose intolerance / maldigestion and diarrhea caused by lactose intolerance.

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Based on website, Nestle NAN Pro 1 Is a spray dried infant formula for healthy infants from birth when they are not breastfed. It contains a combined of problend, Immunonutrients, Essentials fatty acids and bifidogenic nutrients that help support immunity along with growth and development.

I was told by my hospital that nan formula milk are easy on the stomach. How true it is! My baby accepts this well and her bowel movement is regular (not constipating). So far so good! Another plus side, the price of this product is relatively cheaper than other brands. Win win!

difference between nan pro and nan optipro: Nan sensitive is for babies with digestive issues or they can't digest cow based formula. Nan optipro one has a special protein-based formula. Every baby is not same, they can accept it without any problems and also facing side effect.

Hi everyone, would also like to ask, is it normal if your baby's poop is dark green if she is taking nan sensitive? At first okay nman poop ni baby yelowish kaso after more than 1 month of having nan sensitive sunod2 na ang pgging dark green nya.

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Babalik din po ba sa dating yellow ang color ng poop ni baby pag matagal ng pinapainom ung nan sensitive?

Hi mommy. Difference lang niya ay yun Nan Sensitive ay para sa mga baby na may digestive problems. Best to check sa pedia ninyo kasi kung kelangan ni baby ng sensitive milk formula, sila ang makakasabi sa inyo yan.

You can use the NAN Optipro 1 without any worry unless your child has come reactions or not able to digest well. Kids with lactose intolerance or allergy usually should prefer the protein based NAN Sensitive.

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The sensitive version is for babies with gut issue or have a hard time digesting normal cow based formula. If your child have no issues with normal optipro. there isn't a need to change into sensitive range

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Nan sensitive is for babies with digestive issues or they can't digest cow based formula. Nan optipro one has a special protein-based formula.