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Any mommies have tried changing from NaN HA to NaN HA Sensitive? Is sensitive better? Okay for me to just change?

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My boy has colic and the PD recommended we switch to nan sensitive to reduce the gas caused by lactose. He has no problem switching from normal Nan to Nan sensitive. But we feel that it didn't help much with his colic issue. 😞

3y ago

Yes. We brought him to PD when he was 1 month old. Doc prescribed easycol to be added to his milk. Said to reduce lactose. But it was not sustainable as it had to be used with every feed. We finish the bottle in 5 days and it's abt $40/bottle. Alternatively, she suggested Nan Sensitive. So it's either easycol or Nan sensitive.

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More bitter

3y ago

Ah really? My baby drinking better with Nan Sensitive thou, I tried it smells better and sweeter compared to HA. He usually not a good drinker, got drink 90ml we very happy already. But Nan sensitive he can finish a whole 150ml