What can I feed my five-month-old son apart from breastmilk and formula? What are the best first foods for the baby?

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Usually, it is recommended to start with baby cereal (perhaps one of those iron fortified ones). You can also try smoothly pureed, mild-tasting fruits or vegetables, such as sweet potatoes, squash, pears or bananas. The textures of these "first foods" should be super smooth and practically dripping off the spoon (dilute it with enough breast milk or formula (not cow's milk or water) to make it very runny). As your baby becomes a more experienced eater, gradually reduce the liquid you add, and thicken and slightly chunk up the texture. http://wholesomebabyfood.momtastic.com/solidfood4to6montholdbaby.htm

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You can also consider offering small amounts (one-two teaspoon) of mashed vegetables or fruit or cereal mixed with breast or infant milk after a milk feed. Things to note would be that salt and sugar should not be added to weaning foods. Also, cow’s milk may not be suitable till the baby is at least 12 months old.

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Breast milk and formula should be the only foods until your baby is 6 months old because their digestive system isn't developed enough yet to handle anything else. You can start introducing solid foods at 6 months.

Can slowly start weaning Try cereals mix with formula Mashed stuff bananas, pumpkin, sweet potatoes etc etc

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Porridge Weetabix Blended vegetables, chicken, gravy and boiled potato Mashed potato creamy

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biscuits, boiled carrots, potatoes give little bit to introduce taste

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Any reason you Want to start early weaning before 6 months?

6y ago

I am a working mum and my supply is also not that great. I have joined work already and fear that my child is losing out on all the nutrition.

nothing else just wait till baby is 6 months

go for kendamil organic foods 4month plus