What is the best swimming attire for my 6-month old son? This will be his first time to swim :)

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I bought reusable swim diapers with bamboo fibre insert from moomookow. then I'll let him wear a thicker swimsuit to keep him warm. the water is especially cold when it rained before or after you swim, so the suit helps prevent him from getting a cold.

I bought swimming diapers for him and a rash guard to protect him from UV rays. Buy a rash guard that is still a bit big for him so that you can use it for a long time since they grow so fast. :) you can buy them in any SM Department Stores. :)

Swimming diapers instead of normal ones, and put a pair of normal swimming trunks over them. It's important to use swimming diapers because they're less absorbent than the normal diapers.

My friend's son just wears swim diapers if they are swimming in their own pool but if they are at a public pool, she'll put a swim suit (example in the picture) over the swim diapers.

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Thermal swimsuit is the best! My boy is in thermal swimsuit from his first contact at Swimming pool till now. It really keeps them warm and prevent him from catching a cold.

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I had the normal one, but if you scared baby will get cold can buy those with warmer one. Can be found in mothercare or swimming costume shop.

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