Can I give my five-month-old baby formula when I am travelling?

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I will encourage you to give him Breastmilk instead. It is recommended by World Health Organization to breadtfeed baby for at least 6 month. You can pump out milk and prepare sufficient frozen Breastmilk in freezer and get your caregiver to thaw and warm the milk for your baby when you are travelling. Remember to bring a pump, bottle and milk bag during your trip to pump milk every 3-5 hours to maintain your supply. You can keep those milk in fridge and bring them back with cooler bag and cold packs. Remember to check with the airport & airline on whether you are allowed to onboard with breastmilk.

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Girl yes you can give them formula because your traveling. I had to start giving my 10 week old it only at night because I needed the sleep. She was eating every hour on the hour an I was loosing my mind. If your going to still breastfeed I don't see why not to help make your life a little easier. No one knows what your going through

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Are you have extra milk or stash at the moment? If yes, I suggest you get the caregiver to feed bm instead than fm. It is free and no changes to the current food source ( i assume u r still breastfeeding now)

If you are a breastfeeding mum, please tbf her instead of formula feed. Alternatively, try asking this question in the infant formula topic for more relevant replies.

For the first 6 months you should strictly stick to breastmilk and even WHO recommends to breastfeed your baby till 6 months.


Of course you can. Just make sure you buy sterelizing tablet to clean your feeding bottles

Oo naman kahit newborn pa nga eh ok lang bigyan

Of course and yes you can