Anyone opt out of Down syndrome and glucose test?

What blood tests are required in pregnancy other than these two?

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I didn't take those tests as i was financially tight. Baby is fine. I also dont want additional stres if there's something wrong with the tests. Blood test were only done up to 2nd trimester. Other than that, they had vaginal swab(check for any infections), GD (test for diabetes). Also, vaccines ( flu and whooping cough) . I don't remember taking any blood test other than GD in the last trimester

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i did not take both as i find it’s a waste of time n money. i also cannot tolerate any form syrup taste so i didn’t put myself through it. for down syndrome test, i didnt take since it wouldnt matter to me whether baby has ds or not

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Why do you want to skip these tests? I did both and am glad I did

U might need these both . Just go for it .


why opt out? best to take these tests.