Down Syndrome Test

Hello, any first time mommies in their early 30s opt for OSCAR test instead of Harmony/Paranoma/NICE test? Did it turns out fine? I am confused on which test should I opt for…

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Hi! Am 34, and straight away opted for NIPT test. I read that OSCAR test can be inaccurate, and some mummies went for NIPT after that. So they paid more in the end. It's up to you, but if you would like to know gender early and would like to put your heart at ease you can go for NIPT

I only did the 1st Tri screening under kkh and was given 30% subsidy. also in my early 30s and just gave birth to a healthy baby boy who is turning 2 months old in 2 weeks.

hello! NIPT harmony is good enuf. both my pregnancy i did nipt. they are already 99% accurate