What birthday gift do you give your 2 yr old?

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Depend what ur kids lack of, bicycle? Scooter? I prefer to give more on hands on activities than toys. I don’t know about other kids but my kids play play awhile never play already unless like robot can transform to car or aeroplane, like robo car poli, super wings, robot train can transform, hence my kids quite interested. If nt lego is very good too.

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Nothing hahah, I am already giving them a good life so that’s awesome enough. I would organize parties for them though, I guess that counts as my gift? 😬

To be honest, he loves balloons! So I got him tonnes of balloons and he was the happiest person on the earth! Books are ideal, so are things like tricycles.

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i gave mine a nursery song book, book and her fav character as softtoy to encourage her on habits

DIY toy kitchen made with cardboard box, possibly her favorite toy for the next 1 year :)

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I think a fun day outing with famly with a cheat day for for ice-cream and chocolates

depending on the child interest, I gave him a toy which he really really wanted

Mega blocks and her favourite cake! And a day out to her favourite place!

Haha nothing. Just lotsa love. Celebrating together with a simple cake.


A birthday party for my Son and his play school friends and neighbours