What are your baby's favorite bedtime books?

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I grew up with Disney's movies and I loved it. Even until now I get excited if they are playing any good ones on the tv. My daughter also grew up with Disney and she's so into the princess even though she's 7 years old; aside from her My Little Ponies. I intend to do the same with my son because I believe Disney's movies aren't just for girls despite the many princess movies. There's Tarzan, Cars, Phochantas, Aladdin, etc. Like what Idza mentioned, Disney films have their each 'morale of the story' and teaches valueable life lessons that can be applied in real life which schools cannot teach.

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How about a classic fairytale like The Three Little Pigs, The Princess and the Pea or Goldilocks? In my opinion, fairytales are timeless and boundless. The repetitive nature of some these stories (i'll huff and puff and blow down your home / not my the hair of my chinny chin chin) can help lull a baby to bed. For older kids, it sparks the imagination and teaches values like humility, kindness, teamwork etc.

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I bought this Twinkle Twinkle Elmo clothbook off Qoo10 and read it to her every night. It's interactive and has activities for little children. They can brush Elmo's teeth with a plushie toothbrush and tuck Elmo in. It's too advanced for my baby, but I read it to her anyhow so she'll get used to the idea of a bedtime routine. http://list.qoo10.sg/item/TWINKLE-TWINKLE-ELMO-A-BEDTIME/411183843

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Just keep swimming by Nemo :)

We don't do that

Disney movie

goodnyt moon