Books for 4year toddler!

Any recommendations for good bedtime story books?

Books for 4year toddler!
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no need buy. just dropby any library would give you tons of books. u need to borrow different genre and types of books to gauge ur kids interest. it is much cheaper. if u have passion cards u and ur other can combine borrow 40 books for a month. no need buy there is enough books that ur kids will never finish read. and if a particular book titles ur kid love u can either reborrow again (just reserved it) or buy from cheaper than any retails in sg including popular with ur discount card.

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You can try this book, sounds like a delightful read especially for bedtime. Harold and the Purple Crayon:

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You can visit Kinokuniya book store, Popular book store or National Library. They have lots of books for children. You and your child can choose books together. Good for bonding


You can go library and take a look. Different kid got different hobby 💓 just bring your toddler together and let him choose what he likes ☺

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I always prefer to go with the classic ones. But, we can always try with different genres like adventures and fantasies.

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I like Julia Donaldson books . But u can go borrow from library too

Fantasies one :)