What all activities one can do for 8 months old baby?

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Hi, You can play with rattlers, soft toys or give the baby any utensil from the kitchen. Say, give him a spoon and a bowl and let him drum on it. The sound it will make, will keep him engaged. You can sing rhymes to him and play music and dance in front of him. Music has magic, and it can keep your baby engaged and happy for hours.

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there is a lot you can do with your baby at this age. encourage your baby to crawl and sit by placing colourful toys out of reach. sing along baby rhymes and dance, do some arm stretches together, take your baby for a walk, have a fun water play time during bath and do a lot of activities that involve sounds and lights.

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at this age, your baby can turn anything into a super fun activity :) sing songs and rhymes, do silly dances, try out yoga and aerobics, do simple exercises, play with regular everyday objects, do a nature learning activity in the park, talk, talk and talk, make shadow play on the wall, count the birds, push a ball....

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Peek a boo, a stroll in the park, mirrors, singing songs, bath time, simple activities. In fact 8 months old babies play with any and everything. Happy playing!

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