Heard of this word before?

Comment below if you have tried dieting before? 🍎 If so, tell us which one you have tried?

Heard of this word before?
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Yes, dieting is important. Diet means our daily meal we have everyday. No diet means to not eating. Having an unhealthy diet mean East oily and day food. Unhealthy diet is also a diet. So when people say they no diet, means they don't eat? O.O

Went on low carb diet and I successfully lose weight but I couldn't commit long term. I didn't felt happy, depriving myself of the good food😢

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Yep and it was no fun so dont do it! Just exerCise and eat healthy (:

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Never done dieting.. I just avoid junk food at times

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I never done dieting but I do exercise ..to maintain

Pretty much a constant in my life at this point ded

Yeah. Low carbs all the way and exercise!

Pescatarian for a year. Felt good!

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Oh yes hi protein Low carbs

Yes, tried different sorts