Membrane Sweep 1.5cm dilated

Went for my appt. was 1.5cm dilated. Dr did a membrane sweep. Was advised to walk about.. will I go into la our soon?? I’m 37+3weeks “Hoping for it tho”

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Yes do walk or do squats. Hard to predict actually. One can go into labour mins or hours after the membrane sweep or when their cervix has start to dilate. Can also be weeks. Really depends that's why hard to predict but you're full term now so can be any time. I started leaking at 35 weeks and admitted. 3 days later I had fever which resulted in an infection because of the premature waterbag leaking. So to make me dilate fast, I was induced and gynae did a membrane sweep which is very painful cos I was having contractions at the same time but I was slow in dilating and will have to go for an e-sect if I'm not dilating in an hr's time cos my baby & I, both of us were having high heart rate. I gave birth 3 hours later via vaginal delivery. Phew!

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I was 1cm dilated and had membrane sweep on 39+4. Water bag broke on 40+1 and got admitted and delivered naturally on 40+2. In between membrane sweep and delivery, I had spotting and mucus plug came out. Did some squats twice a day, didn’t go out of the house due to COVID but tried to walked around the house (not sure if it really helped). The waiting game is painful but it’s worth it especially if nothing wrong and don’t need to induce! Jiayou!

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I went into active labour the next day after my membrane sweep and I was barely 1cm dilated. I did lots of walking, squats and lunges after the doctor appointment. I was 38 weeks and 6 days then

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I was told, “50% chance of going into labour within 24 hrs”. Good thing it was 100% for me. Heh. All the best!

walk , squats, up and down curb steps. those are known to quickly make it dilate faster hee