just did membrane sweep 38weeks.

hi i just did membrane sweep in the morning just now doctor check my cervix has opened abt 1.5cm like that. what are the chances of me going into labour? cause i dont want to be induced this coming tuesday.

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It's really depends on individual. I had my cervix check on 37weeks was dilated 3cm,then the moment I stood up, my water broke. 😅Try walking more, swimming, have sex to see if dilated faster anot?

6mo ago

Yay. Should be within 24 hours!! Congrats

1 to 1.5cm dilated at wk 37 day 4 , delivered 1 wk later. my labour was quite fast. admitted at 8plus am at 4cm dilation and baby out at 10plus am. Believed the reason was I walked alot.

6mo ago

i see. i'll try to walk more. thankyou ☺️

It depends on individual. I was 1cm at week 39, week 40d3 I’m still at 1cm, eventually induced due to low fluid. Try to do lots of walking!