Post partum body chills, shivering

A week after birth, i was sleeping at night wearing long sleeves longpants with socks and blanket over me when i experience body chills and shivering. It was so cold like there was ice all over my body. I checked and i had no fever. I shifted to another room and slept with a very thick comforter and the fan is off. Woke up 2hrs later sweating but i can still feel the chills. It started to disappear few hours later after taking some paracetamol. 3weeks later i experience it again. Anyone had the same problem? Do i need to see the doctor?

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I’m experiencing the same as you. They said this could be the side effects of epidural. Drink more red dates tea and herbal soup and you will regain your immune system and replenish strength later.

I'm experiencing the same thing. was admitted but the doc could not find the cause.

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Hi dear, I think it’s best to see a doctor

Hi, Please consult doctor soon for this