I was recently tested positive for pregnancy and when i took my first hcg test at week 4 pregnancy it was 165 and 48hrs later another hcg test at 215. Doctor said it is not a viable pregnancy. I went back one week later for the hcg test it increases still to 245. Doctor asked me to wait for another week to see if it drops or if i bleed. Anyone has experience similar situation? I had another miscarriage last year august at week 23 :(

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I went back every 2 days for blood test to see if my HCG doubled up ended up it wasn’t doubling up.. n I was asked to go for a detailed ultrasound and they confirmed a missed abortion for me at 7 weeks. The pregnancy was not formed. Hoping your scenario will be better. Stay positive first

3y ago

My gynae say majority cases Shd bleed naturally so she gave me a week to see if it bleed. However I didn’t so she prescribe me a medication to take and it will bleed. She say as only 7 weeks so no need to undergo Op. The medicine effect came quite fast. After ard 1 hr plus, I started bleeding n in 2 hrs time u can feel contraction pain.. 1 week later went back to check if the uterus is totally clean out. If not gynae will prescribe u half more medicine to clean our womb. Bear in mind during the loss period.. do a mini confinement.. I was given ard 1 mth HL to rest home.