Week 36 +3 , very scare about labouring as it’s my first time. What should I do if I feel the “Menses cramp” or water bag burst? Call my hub? Go shower and rush to hospital? And how will the pain last?

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My week 39, i had contraction pain in the morning but it was bearable i went to shower and head over to my gynae's clinic she told me i can admit if i want but i didn't so i went out for lunch and dinner then home. At about 10pm my contraction pain went to the scale of 3/10 every 3 mins once, my hubby quickly picked up everything and we went to the hospital. For me personally i can endure the pain the entire day till i admit hospital then about 1am i can't take it with the pain anymore as it was worse than period cramps then i started to get the nurse to arrange for epidural. If your water bag burst, remember not to shower and immediately head down to the hospital first

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