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Hi! I am a subsidized patient in KKH, and planning to deliver in ward B2 or B2+. Just a few questions for mummies that recently delivered there. 1) Will there be a cash deposit? How much is the estimated deposit? 2) How much can medisave cover the total hospital bill? Does it include the deposit we placed (if there's any)? 3) In the event that i have to give birth, where should i go in KKH? Delivery suite straight? Or who/what number should i call if my water bag burst, i have contractions etc..? Will they advise me where to go? 4) How much does an epidural cost? Thank you in advance, and apologies if my questions seem silly, im a first time mom here. 😅

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Both wards are considered as under subsidy so no cash is needed. Unless you're taking ward A or B1. Not sure about no. 2. Normally you will be given the estimated costs of your hospital stay and how much you can pay via medisave. Go to the delivery suite straight or there is a number that you can call. You will be given the delivery suite no to call. Epidural is about $400+ and will be paid under medisave.

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2y ago

Alright thank you so much!!

Hi, no cash deposit required,the medical fees(including epidural, ward/delivery fees etc) are medisave deductible (:

2y ago

Thank you! This helps

B2+ need $110 deposit even if under subsidised but currently they close B2+ ward. B2 no need deposit.

u can go to admission office, they will do all explaination to you