I had my water bag burst after 37 weeks on my first pregnancy, wondering whether it will happen on my second pregnancy also. I am still working wondering whether should go on leave. I am on week 36.

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Every pregnancy is different and there is no telling whether or when your water bag will break. Personally, I think it's a good time to go on leave now to prepare for labour. Stress from work is definitely not helpful for a pregnant lady so close to full term. Give your a break and prepare to welcome the second little one to the family! Congrats in advance! :)

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I stopped work at 37 weeks pregnant and delivered at 39+4. I had a colleague who stopped work at 39 weeks and delivered 3 days later. It's better to stop work earlier than later and be at a rested state before heading to the hospital. It helps especially if your job is one with high stress levels.

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all pregnancy are different . my first kid, pops out on 36 week. my second one, i experience cramps on pelvis etc from 34 weeks, gynae say baby might pop out on 35th week ... in the end baby come out on 39th week .. waterbag burst by itself when i send my first kid to CC .