Birthing Story during Covid-19

It was 7pm of November 21, 2020 when i felt the contractions, i was hesitant at first if it’s really labor pains as I still have check up the following day. So to not feel the pain , I tried browsing some items in my phone on Facebook , yung mga pa mine mine 😂 as I observe the pain , it did not go away unlike before .. I knew I was on labour but I cannot decide yet if I should go to the hospital since we want to limit the exposure sa mga tao. And so around 1 AM i woke up my husband and we proceeded sa chosen Hospital namin. So before kami ma admit, it is a requirement to take Rapid Antigen and Swab Test. Yes, Rapid Antigen and Swab Test for the Patient and antigen test only sa magbabantay, we need to wait first for the result and if came out negative that’s the only time we can be admitted. Unfortunately, my husband has flu few days his Test came out positive, I was advise that he cannot be my bantay so he fetched my mother. While waiting for my mother, my result came out, my Swab is negative but Antigen came out positive 😫 As explained by the doctor, i have antibodies for the virus like my husband.. which means baka meron daw ako previously pero presently daw wala na since negative ang Swab ko. So di daw nila ako pwede i accept need daw nila isa pang Confirmatory Swab Negative Result which is worth 11k since we need it asap as I am on labor already. So tawag ako sa OB ko that was 3Am already she advise me lipat ako hospital kasi negative naman ako, they will just have an xray daw sakin, so lipat kami hospital turned out same protocol sila and they suggested na magpa confirmatory test na ako which is sa Chinese General Hospital and result will take 6 hrs yan na yung express 😖grabe i was so stressed , I’m already 6cm that time , i actually did not bother the labour pains, ang iniisip ko baka sa car na ako abutan if ever magpa test pa ako.. So tawag ulit ako kay OB , we decided na bumalik sa unang hospital ko and take their Confirmatory worth 11k since meron na sila doon .. problem din is they cannot give us a private room and we can be only admitted sa Triage nila, while no negative result pa, it’s like a make shift ward sa entrance ng hospital, dun din ang delivery room As much as I want to be in a private room, i have no choice.. all I want that time is to have peace of mind na may Doctor na magpapaanak sa akin. So there, pagdating ulit namin I am already 9 cm diretso higa na sa delivery room and in 5 push I gave birth to my 2nd child via Vaginal with no Anesthesia 🤯😳😳 thanks God nakayanan.. naloka lang ako kasi I thought lahat ng NSD with general anesthesia... nagtaka ako nung hindi ako tinurukan haha i have no option but to push para akong si Goku supersiyan ang peg . But thank God we’re all fine. #2ndbaby2020 #givingbirth #deliverystory

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Congrats Mommy💕 Memorable yung birth experience nyo kay 2nd baby. Grabe pinagdaanan nyo bago siya mailabas 😅😊♥