Baby ingrown toenail?

Wanted to cut baby (3.5mth) toenail just now and realised the sides are swollen and red. Doesn't seem to have any pus but baby flinched when I tried to massage so it might be painful. Anything I can do? Or should I head to GP?

Baby ingrown toenail?
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Hi Nazza, how did u solve this issue in the end? My baby is facing the same problem now. Got an antiseptic cream from the gp.

Did baby cry? What activity did baby do that had his toe nail side swollen? Try apply Aloe Vera Gel see if it gets better?

2y ago

baby didn't cry and didn't do anything much. he's 3.5mth so haven't even walk. that's why I was wondering if it's ingrown nail.. :(

Scared it will turn to infection. Bring to PD instead. They might have something that is suitable for your baby