Swollen & painful nodes near vagina

I’m currently 22 weeks pregnant and I experienced a swollen and painful node near my vagina area, its at the outside of my vagina lips area. It’s painful whenever I walk or sit now too. Feels like those huge red swollen pimple kind of pain. Do anyone of you know what is it? Should i see a GP or my gynae? What should i do? #pleasehelp #advicepls

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I think it's vaginal boils mommy Vaginal boils are pus-filled, inflamed bumps that form under the skin of your vagina. These bumps can develop on the outside of the vagina, in the pubic area, or they can develop on the labia. The boil may start as a small, red bump and develop over the course of a few days into a swollen, painful spot with a white or yellow pus-filled tip. or better consult your OB mommy for asaurance 😉

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