Travelling in Second Trimester

Hi just wanted to check if it is safe to travel overseas in the second trimester? (Taking a flight)

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I’m currently travelling in Japan at second trimester. No doubt I have my worries (I still do everyday!) Gynae mentioned it’s okay to travel, and I asked for a letter just in case.

yes you can, i went at 6th month.. but have a relaxing-take-it-slowly trip rather than packed with activities trip.. get gynae's letter just in case flight checks on your baby bump

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By right, it’s safe. You can also check with your gynae before you travel and ask the doctor to give you a letter that you are fit to travel just in case the airline asks for it.

You should seek doc’s advice but now with the coronavirus, better no to travel as not sure who you’ll come into contact with and pregnant ladies have lower immune system.

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Yup. I travelled on my third trimester from singapore to Europe 😊 ask for ur gynae letter.


You should check with your gynae. I still went on holidays when I'm 28 weeks

Yes. Can check with the doc if you want to play it safe

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Yeap. I went korea in trimester 2 as well.

Yes, it's usually fine. My wife did so

I travelled. Just be extra careful