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Just wanna know. I don’t understand why when there are items to be shared/bless a lot of mummies like to indicate “q please mummy with blue chas card here” What’s with that statement? Blue chas card don’t mean you are poor. I used to take home $2800 with no household commitments but I have qualify for blue chas card. When I’m sharing stuff. I don’t mind if the person is poor or not. What’s matters is we share and not waste. From my opinion (first hand experience with someone who is “Low income”) gets lots of advantages from the government especially during this period. Lazy to work just apply for financial aid, reason can’t find job and declare as Low income. Where by those people working (skilled worker) hard don’t qualify for anything.

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IKR.... I'm a blue chas card holder too and my husband's income used to be more before he resigned from public servant & still a blue chas card holder till today. That's why I don't like to bless items in FB. Been there way before the chas card even existed and all I see are greedy human beings. I see the same name queieng up every time and I've also heard stories of those who took the bless items and sell them 🤷🏻‍♀️ Some really likes to take advantage of other people's kindness. I rather bless to those who are really poor and in need like those staying in rental flats with lots of kids and poor house condition.

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