Do you need to bring a breast pump to the hospital when you deliver? Or does the hospital give you one to use?

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Luckily I brought along my pump. Your milk supply will come in faster & more if it's your 2nd bb. And it helps to ease my engorgement.

You can rent the pump machine from the hosp. But they will charge you for the disposable items(Tubes,flanges & bottles) Or you can bring your own pump and bottles too

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no need to bring pump. the more latch you will have more milk n sitmulate the milk also. first few days not much kick in. unless you now have some drip out the milk. if not no need

Nope~no need to bring as the 1st few days only colostrum will be produced. And it will be good to latch on wo a pump for at least a month to stimulate milk flow. Once good milk flow has established then use a pump.

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Brought but did not use

I did not bring it along. I latched baby directly. And there was no problem. I started getting engorge on the third day after discharge only.

Better to bring as circumstances might cause it in such that u can't latch baby - maybe baby in NICU or something w the better to have pump to stimulate...but most will charge u money for it - they do have disposable components so u can check it out

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I brought to stimulate milk flow and lucky i did. My baby was in NICU and i was not allowed to latch him. Hospital is available but subject to availability

3 kids, and I dont bring breast pump. normally if you deliver earlier in the day, u will be discharged by next day if all is well. and either ur milk has yet to kick in or u have a lot of milk already. My aunt had emergency c sect and she was provided with breastpump by the hospital.

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I did not bring mine as I wanted my baby to latch and also I haven buy one till I know whether I needed it or not.. But ended up I needed one cos she don wanna latch . Only latch for awhile. Then it gets engorged plus I stayed for 5d4n .. I had no choice but to borrow from the hospital. But I do recommend if u r c sec u may need to bring. though my milk comes in during day 2.

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