Did the morning sickness got better from week8? Because my morning sickness was not as bad as week 6, 7. Is that normal?

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Differs with individuals. Mine got better from week12 onwards. That’s when I finally got a lil bit of appetite to eat as well. I was thankful that I had no projectile vomiting, only bad nauseous that made me want to stay in bed all day long. I used seabands which helped a lil & made sure I munch on plain crackers throughout the day so I won’t feel the gastric which would make the nauseous worst.

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Hi all, I was having morning sickness for the past 1 week, vomiting for about 3 days. This morning I felt totally normal, like I’m not nauseas, my stomach is less bloated, when hunger came I don’t feel like throwing up. I am only at week 6 or 7, is it normal? I’m worried as I had 2 chemical pregnancy before.

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I had morning sickness from Week 5 all the way to Week 10. Vomit atleast 8-10 times a day. Could not keep in any food or water. But once I reached my Week 11 I suddenly felt better. No more morning sickness. Try to keep yourself hydrated. Listen to your body and just rest well. It will get better!!

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5y ago

Does your appetite increase after week 12 and complete able to digestion food as normal? I still have problem digestion my food though my symptoms are better.

My wife is in 8 week and she is badly suffers from morning sickness .she had it all over the day.After every meal within five min she vomite everything . doctor said nothing to worry its natural and avoid giving any vitamins as well. Waiting until she gets better. (cross fingers)

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Everyone is different, so there's no real answer I can give you! What I'd say is just to learn how to manage whatever comes, figure out what helps keep the nauseous feeling down, and what else you could do to better prepare yourself for the next time if anything similar happens :)

I read online morning sickness lasts from week 6-12 but is worst at week 9. Am currently in week 10 and felt week 9 was worst for me. I had no nausea, but had constant giddiness and headaches, usually from lunch till bedtime.

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Week 8 seems too early for ur morning sickness to get better. Not trying to scare you. My friend morning sickness suddenly got better at week8, and in the end, it’s a missed miscarriage. Best to get it check?

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Up till now, almost week 24, i'm still having nausea but not as bad as 1st trimester. Week 18-20 it got better abit then it came back again. So it's really different for everyone i guess.

Yes it's normal and it will keep changing.meanwhile you can only bear with it. Most have symptoms in the early stages but there are many others who suffer throughout the entire pregnancy