Any nice comfy bra to recommend? Im in my 32 weeks and feel tt my current bra(normal wired) is going to burst(both bra and boobies) and feeling so uncomfortable. My current bras rather thin and doesnt have much padding and right now the breast especially is feeling very sensitive, i feel so pek chek wearing it whenever something brush my breast.

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yes... I have gd bra to recommend... let me know if u keen

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i got mine from taobao, without wire so even after give birth can use

I purchased mine from cotton on body. Very soft and comfy! It’s a nursing bra.

I use spots bra

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Go for those maternity bra, or sport bra?

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highly recommend uniqlo airism bra. wearing it now even when I'm breastfeeding!

1y ago

I'm still using mine! Regret not getting more.

Kudos for withstanding a normal bra for so long. When I was in 2nd tri I was onto wireless bra le. Caz our boobs will continuously grow as it readied for breastfeeding, it is better to go for something that does not have underwire. At this stage, I think u might wana consider wireless bra or buy a size up for nursing bra. Usually at 36 wks is a good time to buy nursing bra but it u are getting the more generic SML Sizing kind, u can start to buy now le, if u going for the specific cups n bands sizes then better wait for 36 wks. If waiting now just get some good wireless bra? Uniqlo is one of them or the regular bra brands U will feel a high sigh of relief when u make a bra switch - trust me - because I felt like u and I did

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You can consider getting uniqlo airism bra! no wires!

4y ago

i don't know about the sagging part as i have small boobs to begin with for no.1 i wore wired bra all the way. for baby #2 i begin breastfeeding so wired bra was a nono cos it's uncomfortable and caused block ducts. If you intend to breastfeed. get non wired bra

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They sell some comfy bras in Mothercare :)

I ordered from Lazada 24for 2still using them