By when is it required to tell employer that we are pregnant?

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I informed my employer when I found out I was pregnant. I'm thankful they were very supportive and kept me away from heavy duty work (like carrying items) and I also excused myself from many work events that have massive crowd. My co workers also started keeping out for me and really took good care of me during the time. As a responsibility, informing employer early will also ensure they have ample time to plan for your work while you are away. I would suggest no later than 4 months.

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On MOM website, you are required to inform your employer at least 1 week in advance (before delivery) to be eligible for the full benefits of maternity leave. Of course it is advisable to let them know as early as possible - so they can plan for people to take over your work while you are on leave. Most people inform their bosses after about 3 months (because pantang hahaha) Do whatever you think is most comfortable for you :)

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It depends on your personal choice, such as what kind of work you do, how you feel, how big is your tummy and how family-friendly is the company. Whatever you decide pls make sure that you inform your boss first and the boss doesn’t hear from your colleagues.