I m on 28 weeks pregnant. Plz share your views. My baby moves a lot and kicks very frequently I m really concern .. why? Is it unusual or ok?

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Hey there, Yes, baby is moving a lot is normal. Baby's wake and sleep is different from urs so u may also find more active at certain times of the day especially at night when u trying to sleep. Baby is growing bigger and the space to move freely is getting lesser so it will get more and more prominent. U shld only be concerned if baby doesn't move enough. Enjoy this magical time and communicate with baby too :)

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Hi! Understand we are advised to track baby’s movements. Is it every two hours to check need to have 10 movements or to check during baby’s active time 10movements within two hours. Other times he can be very quiet…

Hey, It is absolutely fine. It tells you that your baby is fine and kicking. When I was pregnant I could even make out the punch of the baby on my tummy. This is a good news that you can feel the baby moving as it also gives you the idea that baby is doing fine. Enjoy these moments and share with your husband as well. When the baby is still in the womb, this feeling really makes you elated.

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Baby kicks is a really good sign of baby's health and development. Usually by the third trimister, you should feel the baby movements atleast two different times during a day on daily basis. During one of these checks the baby should move atleast 10 times in two hours. Infact, the baby may move many more time than that. So don't worry about the frequent kicks you are experiencing

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Hahahah i have the same worries as u too.. But at the same time i am so excited... I didn't felt any movement for my first pregnancy actually.. Even before i gave birth at 32 weeks prematured but my baby already 1750g. But this time i could really feel it.. And i even hv a big bump unlike my first pregnancy i dont have big bump..

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As you get towards 3rd trimester, your baby's kicks are definitely more prominent. It's a good sign. You will probably notice the kicks are quite strong when you're lying down - and very soon you will be able to see the elbow punches and kicks on your belly. Enjoy this feeling!

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It's totally normal, and in fact, it's a good thing! Of course, doesn't feel very comfortable (especially when they start getting like little ninjas) - but it's a good sign that your baby is starting to exercise and develop their body movements :)

I'm really enjoying it actually haha bec. it's a sign that my or our baby is active.😊 Even though sometimes, I feel uncomfortable to it.😁

Absolutely normal! Mine from 16 weeks till now 31 weeks have been moving alot and so active. And when I ask my gynae and doc they were smiling and told me that I am lucky to have an active baby and healthy growing baby!

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It is definitely very normal. Ur baby now have lesser space inside that's y u are feeling the kicks more n more. Soon ur dr will be telling u to count n keep tracks of the number of kicks per day !