Early miscarriage

Omg I have a miscarriage at 6 week 3 days is ok try again ASAP want to ask whether just went to check up HCG level is very low only 16.2 something so is confirm I have a light miscarriage how long I can try again to pregnant.

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think you might want to rest before you try again. your body needs to heal

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i had a miscarriage to in early nov. but my parents are slightly old school. so there was a confinement of 15 days atleast with massage and confinement food so that body can recover faster. after that 15days over the next day we had intercourse and lo and behold, I ended up getting to know that im preg again ard latter mid nov and now 22wks preg.

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hi, do pls take time to let your body rest and be strong again. Eat more nutritious food and keep happy thoughts. Hope this link can help you: https://sg.theasianparent.com/dealing-with-pregnancy-after-a-miscarriage/

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hugs babe!! i had a miscarriage in january, now im 8weeks pregnant. After your 1st cycle you can start trying again! sending lots of loveeeee.

hi there. condolonces to you. i had a miscarriage too last year in september. i also did wanted to try again immediately but my menses didnt come until dec. i only got pregnant again after the 3rd cycle(today i am 6 weeks 5 days pregnant). i know of some women who are able to concieve immediately after their miscarriage. hence, its not the same for everyone. dont stress about it. let it come naturally. i bet you ve heard this plenty of times. but really, when your body and mind is at ease, good things will happen. try to relax and dont make intimacy between yourself and hubby becomes a task. i made that mistake because i wanted to concieve so bad. then i realised, the baby we concieve should be made out love not pressure. i wish you all the best! stay healthy okay!

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Hi Winnie, *hugs* as I understand how u feel. I think it is best to discuss with your Gyne. Base on medical history, see if U want to "investigate" the cause - there are some blood tests and other tests that are done for women with multiple miscarriage. Some people do a small confinement of abt 1 wk following the miscarriage. Some people wait 1-2 menses cycle (everything normal) then try again. Some people use tcm to recuperate the body before trying (also abt 1-2 cycles). So discuss w ur Gyne if there are any immediate concerns then the rest is up to u :) all the best :)

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4y ago

oic ok thank you hopefully I will be back soon with good news.

Hi Winnie, I don't have any answer to your question... The best person who can answer your question is really your OBGYN doctor. Your doctor would know your medical history and health profile and would be best to advise you on this. I just want to say I'm sorry about your news.. sending love across... hugs!

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So sorry dear but you need rest OK

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Frankly, most gynae will advice after a minimum of 2-3 menstrual cycles. However, if you think after 1 cycle youโ€™re strong and ready, by all means you can try. Gynae will only advice whatโ€™s best but you know your body well if youโ€™re ready for it. Good luck ! ๐Ÿ˜Š

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Am experiencing the same symptoms, spotting @ six week now. My doctor asked me to be on a bed rest. Ultrasound revels d heart beat of my baby. But still spotting at week six. The doctor prescribed some drugs for me to take. Folic acid, progesterone and vitacap for a month and paradol. The first scan I went for only showed d pregnancy sac but no visible foetus but I repeated it again few days latter, d doctor said d pregnancy is viable and can here d heartbeat.

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