Can pregnant drink chicken essence everyday?

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Had a friend who drank chicken essence fairly frequently, 3 to 4 times a week during her pregnancy. Gave birth to a charming little boy (now 4 years old). Should be fine especially since it is mainly made up of extracts of chicken. But no harm just checking with your gynae during your next checkup.

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My ex colleague continued to drink her daily dose of Brand's essence but I'm not too sure if it was the chicken essence or the berry ones. I suppose if it's in moderation it should be okay? Nonetheless, best to get the green light from your doctor first :)

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Try not to drink it daily. Maybe once per 3-4days.

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I took it in the morning but not Everyday

Will be too hearty. Drink once or twice a week is fine

I only take when I feel exhausted

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I drank on alternate days during pregnancy.. baby is fine..

Nah scared the baby will turn yellow

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Once awhile

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Better to check with gynae