I'm currently 23wks pregnant. Was invited to cousin's bb full month celebration.Wanted to go very much but heard that according to Chinese custom...best not to go as may not be good for me/bb. Is there such a thing or custom or "clashes" stuff? Will it really be bad for my bb?Felt it's superstitious but just want good for my bb at the end. Any comments?

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Superstitions are often rooted in some form of truth. I agree with the parent above. She makes a good point about having a new mommy and a pregnant mommy in the same room. It could simply be due to a social etiquette -- it's someone else's party and you could take the attention away by being there? Check with your elders and your cousin -- if they say it's okay and you're comfortable with going then why not. But if you have some doubts and are a bit superstitious, it's okay to stay home too. You're pregnant and too much excitement at the party might not be too good for you :) Take care!

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i am currently pregnant at 30wks. During my pregnancy, i also went to 2 baby showers. For me, i try attend as these are my best friends' baby shower but i won't carry their baby as the old folks tales said your baby might be jealous. So i just go with an open heart. i guess its really up to individual. If you feel like going, then just go with your heart. If you are really worried about the attending due to superstitious thoughts, then let your friend know about it. Im sure they will understand. There's no right or wrong if you are attending it or not. So just go with your heart.

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8y ago

my heart wna go.haha!ya..maybe just dun carry other ppl's bb lah.

Ha... In India, many people believe that custom. We also follow this. The reason is, if pregnant & new mom are together at same place then its difficult to takecare both for others at a time. Both r dependents & cannot do their works of their own. So Our elders kept that as custom. Nothing will happen to u or ur baby in womb. Just takecare & carry the things with u that u need. Ask ur family members to accompany u for help. One more reason for that custom is, new moms & pregnant both look different. Mood swings, physiological changes etc.. One may get scared by seeing the other.

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8y ago

tks for the advices!

For me, I'm not a superstitious person so I still attended all these events even though I was pregnant. But if my Mother or Mother-in-law specifically ask me not to do due to their own beliefs, I'll definitely obey & follow. I don't want to risk the fact that if something goes wrong during pregnancy or child-birth, they'll put the blame on me for not listening to all their advice. If u hv doubts, just choose to be on the safer side. I'm sure your Cousin will understand, just prepare a gift for them. :)

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Sounds like a bunch of old wife's tales to me. There is nothing to stop you going out, going to parties, holding babies etc etc. At 23 weeks I'm sure that you're perfectly capable of taking care of yourself just fine. You're not running a marathon here, and "excitement" or being happy for your Cousin won't do you or your baby any damage at all.

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These are just superstitions. It’s really up to you whether you wanna believe. Whether to go or not - do what makes you feel at peace with yourself. (Though my theory is that in the past people probably make these things up so they can turn down invites lol 😂).

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If the other party is ok it's totally fine. But then older folks might be more concerned about red white matters like weddings and funerals. The rest are generally accepted.

I didnt went to any wedding, birthday party, even my in law birthday as I dont want ppl to keep on asking question. Esp my hub side coz not in good terms with them.

Well. I feel that if you asked this question, you are somehow a little bit concerned... so why go if you are concerned? Just do whatever makes your heart at peace.