Constant Hunger!

Usual time for breakfast is 7 am and by 1 pm my tummy is growling. So hungry! 14 weeks first time pregger here. Is it normal? And by 7 pm, if i dun have dinner, i feel like fainting.

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It's normal! But not for me 😂 I don't really munch on anything though, and did not even gain any weight 🙁

Yes me too.. already eat very full but few hours time will just keep growling..

6mo ago

Yeah, i am at 13 weeks plus but have not gain any weight. Its just that i am heavy eveb before pregnant, so scared to gain anymore.

Yes. Suggest to have a snack around 3-4pm.

6mo ago

Ah, then snack sometime in between 😊 usually when u feel hungry.

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yes normal

It is normal! Keep some healthy snacks with you to munch on :)

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