Understand breastfeeding mummy need to consume a lot of fluids. Do you still continue to drink longan water even after confinement? My confinement lady says longan water is for replenish blood so should continue to drink while breastfeed. How do you replenish lots of fluid beside soup?

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I still drink longan with red date after confinement, as I find that it not only replenishes blood, it's a booster for me as well. Especially when I add in a handful of black dates into the mixture and boil. I drink a lot of water too after confinement. It'll help you stay hydrated and helps you boost your milk production. You'll constantly be hungry so make sure you have some healthy snacks with you too, like oatmeal cookies, nuts or even dried fruits. Just take note of the sugar in instant stuff, but I think it's not harm in taking them in moderation as we are burning a lot of calories to make milk for the baby.

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It's good if you can continue after confinement. Can take in more food like red meat, pork, spinach, etc, that is high in iron, to give more blood too. We tend to be thirsty easy too, hence drinking lots of water is good. You can consider buying fresh milk (warm it, as confinement just don't take in too much cold stuff) or maternity milk powder. I standby a lot of cereal drinks, like what you see in the picture. I standby them alternately to drink so will get tired of drinking same thing. There is this tea call fennel, good for boosting milk too!

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plain water is the best.. as i suffer edema 2 weeks after i give birth, i drink both plain water & logan water. after confinement i drink lotsa fluid including plain water but not logan water as i don't really like the taste. i don't deliberately drink but i get thirsty very easy as i now breastfeeding... just plain water i drink 2l to 3l per day.. i also drink other beverages & soup during meals

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