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My toddler is 16 month old and only eats porridge all day. As my mil is taking care of my baby and does not know how to cook, I’m thinking to slow cook soup overnight before I head to work in the morning. Is it advisable? Will I burn down my kitchen when I’m alsleep?

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another alternative. i will steam all the food together when i cook rice. so i get ready the food and put on the top basket of the rice cooker. then set timer. i will use a small metal plate and put some meat/fish and some veg (broccoli/green leafy veg/cauliflower and sometimes egg toufu. then set timer on rice cooker and steam it together with rice. hope this helps.

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try using thermal cooker. when i need to go out and cant rush back in time to cook, i will prep the ingredients the night before then next morning wake up put everything in to boil. then put in thermal cooker. preset timer to cook rice. after that come back can eat already.

thermal cooker is the safer option..can try to get during isetan/og/metro sale...much cheaper...i avoid using slow cooker when i'm out/asleep...cos i'm also afraid of fire...

Slow cooker is ok to let it stew overnight at low heat. Buy those with safety feature, so that in case of overheating, it automatically will cut off from main supply

Not advisable to use it overnight, if you prepare everything and keep it inside the fridge the previous day, morning 7-10 is ok to get it cooked.

You could consider thermos / thermal cooker, boil soup for one to two house then leave it in thermos overnight Reheat the next day

Get the automated cooker that comes with timer which auto switches off and on Else induction cooker works and saves electricity

Not advisable to cook when no one is watching over it. If you put in fridge and heat it up the next morning, should be ok :)

Hi, I would suggest making the soup and keeping it in thermos rather than using slow heating cooker

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Slow cooker is fine, do get a good brand for safety purposes