Today I pumped at 1150am and I left the bm in Medela's cooler bag together with the ice pack. The ice pack was taken out from the freezer around 7am this morning. I forgot to take the bm out until just now 1030pm. Is the bm still consumable?

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Cooler with 3 frozen ice packs can help to maintain freshly pumped breastmilk up to 24 hours. If your ice packs are not able to maintain the coolness and since the bm has already been more than 10hours, please discard the milk.

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smell it. if it smells ok, let baby have it for milk bath. no need to waste, gd for skin. dn let baby drink it though

Better to be safe than sorry. It's sad to throw it away, but you have to.

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Not worth the risk!

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No - pls discard