Baby thrush?

Is this thrush? It appears at the lower gum along the teeth line but not at his tongue. My baby has been putting his fingers in the mouth and drinks lesser milk.

Baby thrush?
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Thrush are white patches often on the tongue, roof and inside of the cheeks. This does not look like teething to me either. Have you brought him to see a PD? Better do since he drank less milk for more than a month already

Super Mum

The white part looks like teeth that hasn't surfaced yet. Your baby could be teething. Oral thrush would be white patches on the tongue. Try giving him some chewing toy or teether to soothe him.


it looks like teething to me

2y ago

But there’s no sign of tooth erupting from the bottom center of the mouth. The white spots are lining and stretching along the bottom inner-side teeth line. He has drank less milk for more than 1 month already. And furiously put his fingers inside the mouth all the time. I wonder if it’s the itch.