Things on gum and tongue.

Is it thrush?

Things on gum and tongue.
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Hi momma, 2nd pic very likely to be thrush. Send your baby to the PD quickly they will prescribe some ointment or oral medication. If you are Breast feeding, and your nipples are sore and itchy ask the doctor for some cream to apply as well.

Did you try to clean it with a soft clean cloth already? If you did and it was not removed, maybe it is and consult your pedia. If you haven't tried cleaning it, maybe it is just milk stain.

looks like milk stains.. try using a wet cloth n cleaning the baby tongue to see if it clears.

Hi, This looks like milk stain. Please use wet cotton cloth to clean it

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this is milk left on tounge. Clean it with wet clean cloth.

Please consult a GP or PD.

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Wipe it with cotton cloth

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looks like milk strains